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  • Date: June 2
  • Time: 08:00-09:30 UTC (see this page for local times)
  • Place: #gentoo-meetings on Freenode IRC
When you are done with your task, please un-bold the TODO item and change it into {{done}}.


0. Roll call

  • Present: pinkbyte, yngwin
  • Absent: hwoarang (announced), kensington (announced), pesa (announced), wired (unannounced)

1. Qt5 status

  • Tracker bug: bug #454132
  • Tentative target for main tree inclusion is Qt 5.1.x
  • bug #328689: Split 4.8 ebuilds for designer and linguist are implemented in qt overlay.
    • Revdeps auditing status(who will be in charge of that?)
    • create list of packages, that are already reviewed for dependencies?
    • move splitted ebuild to gentoo-x86(resolution: wait for 4.8.5, which hits unstable)
  • Other things to split from current 4.8 ebuilds(resolution: wait for 4.8.5 too):
    • assistant application from qthelp
    • qdbusviewer from qtgui
    • various utilities from qtdeclarative
  • qt5 USE flag has been proposed and will be added soon (masked). Yes check.png Done flag was added to main portage tree by kensington

2. Remaining TODO items from last time

  • The biggest remaining blocker is bug 451456
  • Bug 465874: app-text/goldendict-9999 fails to build → just forward-port goldendict-1.0.1-gcc-4.7.patch TODO by pinkbyte
  • Bug 464690: net-im/qutim-0.3.1 fails to connect TODO
  • We still need to move the wiki pages from gitorious to our project space on TODO by yngwin

3. Open bugs

bug #467712: qt5.eclass addition request


  1. Use suggested eclass, very similar to the existing qt4.eclass
  2. Create a new qt5 eclass based on multilib eclasses
  3. Create a two new eclasses, a minimal one with just eqmake{4,5} and one that inherits it and provides phase functions, multilib etc.
  4. Create a minimal eclass with just eqmake{4,5}, and allow ebuilds to use a compatible eclass like multilib-minimal if they want those features Yes check.png Done by pesa

4. Open floor

  • nothing came up