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  • 2012-07-01
  • 1345 - 1445 UTC
  • #gentoo-meetings on Freenode

0. Roll call

  • Present: johu, yngwin
  • Present late: kensington, pesa
  • Absent announced: hwoarang, wired
  • Absent unannounced: abcd, spatz

1. Qt5 progress

  • Beta release delayed again, current ETA is mid/late July.
  • The first live ebuilds for some modules are available in qt overlay; qt5-build.eclass is in a good shape.
  • Builds are very unstable since the buildsystem branch was merged; upstream configure script is a total mess.
  • TODO list (probably incomplete):
 - finish implementing src_test() and make it work for qt-core
 - docs support
 - binaries colliding with Qt4 ones (qmake, moc, rcc, uic, qdbus{cpp2xml,xml2cpp}, probably others) are installed in /usr/qt5/bin for now, but that is not acceptable; waiting to see what other distros do
 - .pc files are installed in /usr/lib64/qt5/pkgconfig/ for now, to avoid colliding with Qt4 .pc files, but we need a proper solution
 - write live ebuilds for the unpackaged modules (I'm working on qt-declarative atm)
 - add QCONFIG_{ADD,REMOVE,DEFINE} to existing ebuilds
  • pesa proposed 2 eclasses: qt5-base and qt5-module, because of somewhat different build systems

2. qt4.eclass deprecation

3. qt4-r2.eclass updates

  • translation handling -> separate eclass proposed by yngwin, accepted
  • DOCS array support and HTML_DOCS support -> refer to base eclass documentation, then submit (yngwin)

4. Qt on exotic arches

  • We moved ia64 to ~ia64
  • We masked Qt <4.7.3, so sparc is currently without Qt. We are working with arch team to keyword newer versions (excluding qt-webkit and revdeps)
  • Update: Qt 4.8.1 was marked stable(!) on alpha and ia64 by a ninja action from armin76
  • Any lessons on future issues with slacking minor arches?
 - contact arches on their own irc channel for best chance of response
 - just move ahead (if necessary with masks), arches will deal with it

5. Open bugs

6. Open floor

  • yngwin mentioned having moved packages from overlay to gx86, others widely support continuing to do this
  • tampakrap chimed in with a trainee's ebuild for vim-qt, which johu will review
  • yngwin mentioned possibly obtaining an arm device