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  • 2012-06-03
  • 1300-1450 UTC
  • #gentoo-meetings on Freenode

0. Roll call

  • Present: hwoarang, johu, pesa, yngwin
  • Late: kensington
  • Absent announced: wired
  • Absent unannounced: abcd, spatz

1. Qt5 progress

Beta release expected mid-June. As installation from git is reported to work again, pesa is working on live ebuilds at the moment, but needs access to a build box. hwoarang offered to test in a vm.

We will need to resolve how to separate the qmake binaries for qt4 and qt5. Possibly just qmake-qt4 and qmake-qt5, or an eselect module. We will consider this further this month / next meeting.

2. qt4.eclass deprecation

[bug #311481]( [ebuilds using old eclass](

We are doing really well here, with only 2 ebuilds left in the tree that are still using the deprecated eclass:

The maintainer and herd are unresponsive, so we will go ahead and add arches for stabilization.

The VLC maintainer, aballier, has said he wanted to wait for 2.0.2 to be marked stable. But since this release is taking such a long time, we decided to ask the maintainer again to consider 2.0.1.

Congratulations and thanks to all who worked on getting the other packages with deprecated qt4.eclass in order.

3. qt4-r2.eclass updates

  • translation handling

Last meeting's decision: "pesa will submit the code to the dev mailing list for review before it is merged." Since he has some reservations about the code, he hasn't done this so far. We want to improve the code, but have not found time for it. We decided to ask for comments and suggestions on the dev ML.

  • DOCS array support and HTML_DOCS support

commit [ef2109df4cd719ce0d14760b5df18a825772d71f](;a=commitdiff;h=ef2109df4cd719ce0d14760b5df18a825772d71f) in qt overlay This will be submitted to the dev ML for comments too. pesa noted that 2 ebuilds in the tree need to be adapted to the new docs api then.

4. Qt on exotic arches (again)

Current stable on alpha, ia64, sparc (Qt 4.6.3) is affected by several security bugs. yngwin will write a mail to the arch teams directly informing them that the vulnerable (and old) version will be masked in a week (with all revdeps) for removal (or unkeywording in the case of revdeps) on those arches. ia64 can keep ~ keywords, but they are not keeping up with stabilization, so we will drop stable keywords for them.

5. Qt overlay on

Since there is now an official Gentoo project on github, do we want our overlay mirrored there again? To this there is no opposition, but no enthusiasm either. Most don't care, but it was noted that there may be some value in exposure of our overlay on github. Decision was postponed.

6. Open bugs

Nobody is interested, but it doesn't hurt to be CC'ed on an inactive bug. In case someone does pick up this package, we would be willing to advise.

yngwin volunteered to add the elog message agreed on in the 20120126 meeting.

pesa will try to implement the suggested solution

There is a workaround in place, but our greater concern was that Arfrever is still able to break the stable tree by proxy. hwoarang said he would talk to him and get an ewarn in place in the icu ebuild. He will also open a bug for gentoolkit suggesting a patch to address this problem.

Since 0.3_beta2 is released, yngwin will bump and request the user to test this version. Since we can't reproduce, there isn't much we can do.

There wasn't much interest. It was suggested this should be assigned to app-dicts herd. Since this is only about the eclass, a virtual may not be needed. yngwin volunteered to help out.

It's not clear what the issue is here, could be in libQtNetwork. pesa will try to debug again.

hwoarang will test, but this is suspected to be due to broken toolchain or hardware failure. NEEDINFO on how to reproduce.

7. Open floor

  • johu suggested our meetings are too long, yngwin promised to tighten it up
  • our thanks go to tampakrap who left us to concentrate on infra
  • yngwin asked if people are using razorqt and the newly added qt apps