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  • 2010-11-18
  • 1800-1900 UTC
  • #gentoo-meetings on Freenode

0. roll call

present: ayoy, chiiph, pesa, tampakrap, wired absent: abcd, spatz

1. qgtkstyle

    • qgtkstyle successfully split from qt-gui in 4.7.1.**

issue: qtractor depends on qt-gui[gtk], doesn't work with qgtkstyle we decided that we have to keep the split ebuilds to avoid circular deps and the cairo[qt4] block, so we'll try to figure out why qtractor isn't satisfied by qgtkstyle.

handled by: the whole team

2. qting-edge ebuilds need serious update/sync with tree

4.6.9999 will be dropped. stable-branch USE will be dropped from 4.9999. ayoy may help with 4.9999. we won't provide kde-qt for now since they don't have a 4.7 branch available (yet).

handled by: tampakrap, ayoy

3. jit USE in qt-{core,script,webkit}

bugs: [#338245](, [#338243](, [#337736](

we'll add the USE flag

handled by: chiiph

4. dev USE in qt-gui

bug [#328689](

we decided that a USE flag is not the best way to go. instead we're going to try and split those tools out of qt-gui.

handled by: ayoy

5. 4.6.3 stabilization

almost done, reason to celebrate, have a beer ready ;)


6. pesa's quizzes

    • what's going on here? pesa, your quizzes please! :P**

after explaining to him that becoming a dev will probably give him extra motive to do gentoo work, pesa committed to finishing the quizzes next month. we'll be waiting :D

7 [bonus item] x11-libs/qt

we decided to pkgmove x11-libs/qt to x11-libs/qt-meta, unmask it and provide two basic versions, 4.6 and 4.7. Minor version ebuilds will be provided only if needed for some specific reason. A news item will be sent regarding this issue.

handled by: wired