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  • 2010-09-02
  • 1800-1900 UTC
  • #gentoo-meetings on Freenode

1. qt4-r2.eclass

status update

    • repoman prints a warning when qt4 is used now.

we may fix ebuilds in tree if we somehow notify their maintainers (irc, email, bug), or if we use hwoarang's QA hat**

2. Qt 4.7.0

hwoarang asked flameeyes if he can test everything against Qt 4.7.0. the question is, do we want to do the testing against rc1 or wait for the final release? If we choose to do this now, we'll have to move rc1 to the tree masked. Im just a little worried that the final release may break/fix things.

    • we'll wait for 4.7.0 final before asking flameeyes**

3. gles and openvg in Qt

lu_zero asked if we can provide support for these in Qt. Basically add two new USE flags to qt-{gui,opengl}: 'gles' and 'openvg'.

* openvg is provided as a graphicssystem plugin (pass -openvg to ./configure).
* gles is an alternative to opengl and it _seems_ that we must choose between them at configure time (i.e. we cannot build both of them and then switch at runtime) -> [1](
    • we gave lu_zero access to qting-edge, he'll commit qt-openvg and add es{1,2} use flags in qt-opengl**

4. bugz

* [301476]( qt-svg
* [329533]( qmake generates incorrect Makefile with CONFIG+=debug
   **we'll do**
       **hwoarang and pesa will make patch**
* [304971]( qt-core stores machine-specific information in /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs
   **wired will test the solution proposed by pesa at**
* [333391]( Qt 4.6.3 is built without STL support (probably caused by gcc-4.5)
* [331071]( Slow font rendering in Konsole on nvidia + related off-by-one error
   **we (err... wired :p) will add the patch in the overlay to test it, if nothing else breaks we'll add it in tree**

5. Status of Live ebuilds

  • (hwoarang) I am moving to UK so I won't be able to test all the Qt live ebuilds anymore.
  • **as always, if you test / plan on testing live ebuilds, add your name here: [Qt4 live ebuilds]( - this page should state that live ebuilds are not always actively maintained and that its list could be out of date.**

6. Drop keywords from Qt-4.7

Slow arches like ppc,ppc64,ia64,sparc prevent full stabilizations of Qt. Do we want to stop providing stable Qt for these arches?

    • wired will send a mail to alpha, ppc64, ia64 and sparc and ask them if they can speed up stabilizations or if they'd rather not stabilize Qt at all.**

7. Stabilize Qt-4.6.3

We need to stabilize Qt-4.6.3 on every arch so we can finally get rid of 4.5.3.

    • following wired's mail for 6. hwoarang will open a stabilization bug for 4.6.3. hopefully we'll manage to get 4.6.3 stable for all arches.**

8. pesa's quizzes

    • pesa will send his quizzes to tampakrap and wired for review ;)**