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  • 2010-03-18
  • 1900-2000 UTC
  • #gentoo-meetings on Freenode
  • Absent announced: ABCD

1. raster useflag

We decided to keep this in testing in the overlay and revisit the subject when the 4.7 release will be committed to the official tree.

Aside: There is a 4.7 Technical Preview release but it is broken, so we won't have ebuilds for it.

2. review open bugs

bug 304971 "qt-core stores machine-specific information in mkspecs"

qt4-build.eclass introduces platform-dependent patches to mkspecs in LOTS of places (due to various bugs), part of those fixes can be easily moved to qt4-r2.eclass (as parameters that are passed each time to eqmake4, instead of being hardcoded in mkspecs), but others can cause problems. ayoy will work on this in the overlay.

bug 292337 "x11-libs/qt-webkit-4.5.3 requires dbus or not?"

wired tested this. DBus is optional. We will implement this in non-stable ebuilds.

bug 300594 "QMAKESPEC for amd64: linux-g++-64 or linux-g++?"

We decided to stick with the current linux-g++, as it works, and Debian does the same. As an extra side-effect it also prevents breaking multilib-portage.

bug 308563 "qt-creator very slow to start and close"

This is a regression in Qt 4.6.2. For this reason we decided to keep 4.6.1 in the tree until at least this bug is solved. hwoarang will look into this bug further.

bug 295342 "qt-sql can use libiodbc instead of unixODBC"

It might be nice to offer this extra option. yngwin will look into implementing this in 4.7.

bug 307745 "qt4.6.2: taskbar items has a shadow sibling"

Should be reported to plasma upstream first.

bug 306603 "x11-libs/qt-gui: Bolden text for missing font styles"

We should review the patch and have it sent upstream.

bug 294031 "Qt video apps problems with opengl context"

This should be taken upstream.

3. status of live ebuilds

Currently the 4.7.9999 ebuilds are the most up to date ones. Other versions should sync with this set. 4.9999 ebuilds have been unmaintained lately; yngwin will sync them; tampakrap will test them.

4. what else needs to go into our faq?

This is now in our project page. New additions welcome, initially to the version in overlay. hwoarang suggested to add info on our live ebuilds and a passage on "Which version of Qt should I pick". Also "Can I downgrade Qt".