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  • 2010-02-19
  • 1900-2040 UTC
  • #gentoo-meetings on Freenode

0. roll call

  • Absent announced: tampakrap

1. raster on by default?

We decided to turn raster on by default in Qt live ebuilds with an elog message stating so and asking for users to give us feedback about it.

It was also mentioned we should keep a wiki page with who is maintaining which live ebuilds. This page is now at [Qt4 live ebuilds](

2. gentoo-qt irc channel

We agreed we want to use the #gentoo-qt irc channel as our "devroom", for development related discussions. User support should happen, as before, in the first-line support channels #gentoo and #gentoo-desktop, and second-line in #gentoo-kde.

3. qt:3 removal

A couple of issues were brought up, and we decided to postpone the Qt3 mask for a short time, for these to be resolved:

  • gambas bump without qt3 useflag (bugs 301376 and 302136) - yngwin
  • wpa_supplicant clean up qt3 useflag (bug 246932) - hwoarang and wired
  • MythTV news item and upgrade guide (bug 299222)
  • qgo: lets make a snapshot for Qt4 version - hwoarang
  • prepare a package.mask file - yngwin and hwoarang

wrt MythTV we decided to give users an opportunity to help out by writing an update guide on the forums, which could be used as a basis for the news item, and to send an email to mythtv herd and QA that a new item is needed shortly, otherwise we need to mask all of mythtv.

4. qt 4.6.x stabilization

We decided to wait and see if any issues pop up with 4.6.2 by March 1st, and file a stable request then.

5. shall we keep resetting QMAKE_RPATH in eqmake4?

We decided to drop this. Ebuilds that need the reset can do so when calling eqmake4.

6. Harmattan UI Application Framework (a.k.a. Maemo 6 or MeeGo) ebuilds

Ayoy developed some ebuilds, and we decided it was a good idea to develop these further in our qting-edge overlay. We will probably want to make a new category for these, as well as a separate herd (but still under the Gentoo Qt project).

7. other open bugs

  • 292337: qt-webkit requires dbus or not? - wired will test
  • 264631: goldendict - pesa will review, yngwin will do a snapshot later
  • 300594: QMAKESPEC for amd64 - ayoy will handle this and other mkspec bugs