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  • 2010-01-21
  • 1900-2015 UTC
  • #gentoo-meetings on OFTC

0. roll call

  • Absent announced: ayoy
  • Absent unannounced: carlo

1. eclass status update

2. split ebuild problems

  • status of discussion with portage team: no reply from portage team, yngwin will try again

3. documentation

  • faq: yngwin will add the beginnings of a faq to gitorious wiki or overlay documentation

4. remaining qt3 ebuilds

  • hwoarang and tampakrap will make a list of packages that need stabilization of Qt4 versions
  • we will remind arches once a week about work to be done
  • we will make patches for those ebuilds that need qt3 useflag to be dropped

5. open bugs

  • we discussed cleanup and updating of
  • 239441 qt-webkit hangs on hppa: hwoarang will take this upstream
  • 240185 qt exceptions: wired will patch the qt4-edge-build.eclass for testing first
  • 264631 goldendict: hwoarang will review and add live ebuild to overlay
  • 292337 does qt-webkit require dbus or not? wired will test this
  • 297299 Qt 4.6.1 stabilization tracker: we need to work on the blockers
  • 296624 qsvn vs kdesvn: tampakrap will handle this in time
  • 300594 QMAKESPEC for amd64: raised priority, hwoarang will look into this

6. #gentoo-qt revisited

  • we decided to remain with gentoo on freenode, and have #gentoo-qt on oftc as backup channel
  • gentoo-qt is not an official channel (yet), just a dev hangout; we still use gentoo-kde for support
  • we will discuss this again in the next meeting, as we may want a separate channel for the project eventually

7. make raster on by default in live ebuilds

  • not yet, team members will do more testing first
  • will discuss again in next meeting

8. inactive member

  • carlo is an inactive member, does not attend meetings and does not respond to emails, and is therefore removed from the project