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  • 2009-12-17
  • 1900-2000 UTC
  • #gentoo-meetings on OFTC

0. roll call

  • Absent announced: ABCD, Pesa
  • Absent unannounced: carlo

1. eclass status update

  • qt4-r2 is in tree now, official policy is to use this from now on.
  • wired will produce a script to generate a list of ebuilds still inheriting the old eclass,

so we can all work on porting them over to qt4-r2.

  • we decided to ask prefix team and abcd to look at possible eapi-3 compatibility.

2. split vs. monolithic discussion

  • we decided to discuss with the portage team what can be done about the recurring

problems that pop up with the split ebuilds, and revisit monolithic discussion if that can't be resolved in a satisfactory way. wired will start this up with an email.

3. einfo overload

  • once the faq is written, we will simplify the qt-core einfo even more.
  • all devs should look at app ebuilds they maintain to see if einfo messages

could be cut down.

4. documentation/faq

  • qt4 ebuild howto is being improved by hwoarang, ayoy and yngwin. the xml file

will be placed in the repo under Documentation/ to facilitate cooperation.

  • a faq will be written, initially on the gitorious wiki, with issues many users face.

yngwin will guidexml it once we have a reasonable text.

5. remaining qt3 packages

  • kdelibs-3 should be ready to go in january, we should look at remaining qt3

apps in portage and add stuff to the tracker bug (283429).

  • yngwin will prepare a policy on how to handle remaining qt3 apps and timeline

for qt3 mask and removal, based on input from the discussion.

6. open bugs

  • see PriorityBugs for a list of open bugs that have priority. please keep it

up to date, and use it as a starting point to work on.

7. stabling

  • wired will produce a script to check stable status of qt herd ebuilds in the tree,

so people can check which ebuilds need a stablereq bug.

  • tampakrap has been appointed stable manager, to keep an eye on missing

stablereqs and prodding arches that lag on the ones that are filed.

8. changelogs in overlay

  • we decided to remove them and only use git commit messages

9. debug useflag

  • we decided to no longer require [debug?] use dep in apps

10. qtjambi status

  • the version in the overlay is reported to work, this should be moved to the

tree and the ancient versions now in the tree removed.