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How many is too many ?

The list of bugs assigned to maintainer-wanted@ needs a massive cleanup. Currently, the number of reports amounts to over 4k, which is way too many and cannot reasonably be managed.

It has been discussed extensively by idella4 with key members (both users and devs) of the project, via the forum of the #gentoo-proxy-maint channel, that the Proxy-Maintainers project will help with the 'reducing and slashing through' this list of bug reports. The interest, and/or belief, by various members in the project's efforts in attending to this leftover sink hole is typically mixed. Those inclined assist in the reduction are, like anyone in the gentoo community, doing so of their own volition on the basis that it represents a contribution to the gentoo project, albeit tedious and time consuming.

Criteria for closing a report

Each request is important and was made by a real user, so must be carefully evaluated prior to closing. While it is not useful to have thousands of open requests, it's also harmful to unnecessarily close requests that are still valid.

Use these guidelines to help evaluate whether a request still has merit:

Metric Weight Notes
Upstream status
Exists High Package must still be available and fetchable (did it move to github, bitbucket, ...?)
Alive Medium Signs of activity - releases, commits, bug reports, mailing list?
Technical debt
Dependency availability High Cannot require ancient dependencies that are no longer available (qt3, kde3, ...)
Toolchain High Needs to build in a modern system (recent GCC, glibc, ...)
License High Package license must be a good fit for Gentoo
User demand Medium Is there continuing interest in the package, or interest from multiple users?
Wider availability Medium Do other distros package it?