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MIPS Development
Description Gentoo/MIPS is a port of the Gentoo GNU/Linux and the Gentoo Portage package management system to mips-based platforms.
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IRC channel #gentoo-mips (webchat)
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Parent Project Gentoo
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MIPS hardware

Targeted MIPS hardware

We target some specific MIPS hardware with stage4 tarballs that provide more than a plain stage3 because these systems are popular, but building a useful environment is difficult for various reasons. One necessarily trades choice for convenience.

Currently we target the following:

System CPU Name Manufacturer Installation
Yeeloong Netbook Loongsoon 2f Lemote Netboot/USB boot. Tarball image.
SGI Indy/Indigo2 (IP22) R4000, R4400, R4600, R5000 Silicon Graphics (Currently being rebuilt/reworked. NFS installs via stage3's possible soon)
SGI Origin/Onyx2 (IP27) R1x000
SGI Indigo2 Impact R10000 (IP28)
SGI Octane (IP30)
SGI O2 (IP32) R5000, RM5261, RM7000

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