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Roll call (5 minutes)

Lead election (15 minutes)

  • Please nominate and vote on new lead

Plasma 5 (30 minutes)

  • Please discuss the following aspects
    • Profile, Documentation (Normal, Upgrade guide)
    • Versioning scheme upstream breakage (e.g. baloo, kfilemetadata)
    • User settings migration
  • Please vote and discuss on tree inclusion target (5.2.x, 5.3.x)
    • News item
    • Masked vs Testing

KDE Applications 5 transition (15 minutes)

  • Upstream releases are a mix out of Slot 4 and Slot 5
  • kde-apps:4 <-> kde-apps:5 approach
  • kde-base:4 <-> kde-apps:5 approach

Option 1

Split into kde-base:4 and kde-apps:5


  • Easy for users to stick to getting partial KDE 4 updates if they want to avoid KF5
  • Clearer separation of what's KDE 4 and KF5-based


  • Diverging from upstream by not using Applications as a whole
  • KDE 4 users miss out on updates from ported applications
  • It's not clear what happens once there's both kde-base and kde-apps version - will there eventually be a pkgmove? (when?)

Option 2

Add kde-apps as a pkgmove from kde-base


  • Smoothest upgrade for users (no intervention required)


  • A lot of upfront work
  • Will result in SC packages in kde-apps (eg. kde-apps/kcalc-4.14.3)

Option 3

  • Do not package not KF5 ported apps


  • Clearest separation of what's KDE SC 4 and KF5-based
  • Lowest packaging effort


  • Slot 4 apps won't get some bug fixes

Bugs (15 minutes)

  • bug #514384 - many functions were introduced before usex was available. Discuss/vote deprecating functions easily replaced with -DLibFoo=$(usex foo)