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Roll call (5 minutes)

kde4-*eclass GCC minimum version (10 minutes)

  • Please discuss and vote on raising gcc minimum version to 4.7

Open Bugs:

  • bug #462550 - [4.6/ICE] sys-devel/gcc-4.6.3 Segmentation fault (program cc1plus) compiling kde-base/rocs-4.10.1 on ppc64
  • bug #471770 - =kde-misc/homerun-1.0.0 - fails to build with <gcc-4.7
  • bug #508324 - kde-base/kig-4.13.0 fails to build with <sys-devel/gcc-4.7

KDE SC 4.13.3 stabilization (15 minutes)

  • bug #517344 - KDE SC 4.13.3 + KDE Workspace 4.11.11 stabilization
  • semantic-desktop refactoring (old semantic stack -> nepomuk use flag, new semantic stack -> semantic-desktop use flag): Are we happy with it? Do we need an news item?
  • Baloo alternate KCM: Now that upstream provides an option to disable indexing in their KCM, do we still want to hack the alternate KCM into the baloo ebuild?
  • Please discuss and vote to stabilize KDE SC 4.13.3

KDM (5 minutes)

jmbsvicetto suggested to rethink kde-base/kdm as a dependency in kde-base/kdebase-meta:4, as kdm will not exist after KDE 4 and users might have already migrated to something else. Do we want to add IUSE="+display-manager" with RDEPEND="display-manager? ( || ( x11-misc/lightdm-kde x11-misc/sddm kde-base/kdm ))"? If so, which order?

  • Please discuss and vote to make kdm optional (and if yes on the proposed solution/order)

Phonon backend (5 minutes)

The current default backend is gstreamer, the same as in Kubuntu, and has the greatest number of features. However, upstream now chooses VLC as the default. Should we switch or remain the same?

  • Please discuss and vote on switching to vlc as default backend


Categories (10 minutes)

kde-frameworks has already been approved on gentoo-dev. Plasma 5 is currently 23 packages, should it go in its own category (kde-workspaces?)? If so, we would likely need a new category for applications (kde-apps?) and eventually remove kde-base (and kde-misc?).

Moving to tree (10 minutes)

Qt 5 will be in the tree soon (masked). Are we happy to move KF5 / Plasma 5 after that's done?

Bugs (15 minutes)

  • bug #516162 - libappindicator and sni-qt are needed for legacy applications to appear in the systray. Should this be added as a dependency (where?) or just documented. Pull packages in via Plasma 5 subprofile? (useful for other stuff too)

Open floor (15 minutes)