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1. Roll call (5 minutes)

2. EAPI 4 kde4.eclasses deprecation (10 minutes)

  • KDE overlay is fully migrated to EAPI 5 and all older EAPI's are banned
  • No issues known with EAPI 5
  • Discuss and vote

3. KDE overlay contribution model (10 minutes)

  • We have a github mirror, which offers pull requests, reviews and comments
  • Allows us to get more QA for user contributions
  • Proposal: Drop all user ssh keys from overlay and promote the github contribution model (for example with a overlay news item)
  • Discuss and vote

4. KDE Frameworks 5 (15 minutes)

  • Overview: KDE Frameworks
  • New kde-frameworks eclass needs internal review/feedback. It's not yet ready for -dev ml due to potential major changes for workspaces and applications.
  • It appears (final strategy not confirmed yet) that rather than one SC as seen in KDE 4 there will be 3 groups released separately: frameworks, workspaces, and applications. We should consider how this should be categorised. kde-frameworks is currently approximately 60 packages, with the potential for future 30+ additional packages. Potential scheme which is consistent with existing categories (see gnustep for -libs precedent):
    • frameworks -> kde-frameworks/kde-libs
    • workspaces -> kde-base
    • applications -> kde-apps

5. Bugs (15 minutes)

6. Elect new lead (10 minutes)

A year has past, we need to nominate and vote on a new lead.

7. Open floor (15 minutes)