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Roll call (5 minutes)

KDE profile use.force (10 minutes)

pesa asked us to stop forcing consolekit globally in profiles/targets/desktop/kde/use.force because it affects unrelated packages and prevents systemd from being used in a KDE profile (KDE upstream does have some systemd support now).


  • Replace the consolekit USE flag with systemd (DEPEND="systemd? ( sys-apps/systemd ) !systemd? ( sys-auth/consolekit )"
  • Introduce the systemd USE flag and add REQUIRED_USE="^^ ( consolekit systemd )"
  • Keep somehow the option to run (unsupported but tolerated) "-consolekit -systemd" for people without full kde desktop?

OS X support (10 minutes)

We have the aqua USE flag and various Mac OS X patches/fixes in the tree.

  • It has not been keyworded for that in a long time (ever?)
  • kensington could not find anyone using it or having any interest in it
  • We don't even know if it works

Keywording/stabilisation (10 minutes)

There has been discussion about additional keywording/stabilisation of KDE packages:

  • Further keywording + stabilisation for kde-misc on ppc/ppc64
  • Stabilisation of KDE SC on arm

Systemd (5 minutes)

  • Require systemd to be on the same feature level as Gnome? (Just kidding...)

#-kde register to speak (5 minutes)

There have been a number of instances of users being confused about not being able to speak, or not wanting to register. Spam seems minimal on freenode currently. Should we try relaxing this restriction?

Bugs (15 minutes)

Open floor (15 minutes)