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Roll call (5 minutes)

Optional semantic-desktop support (10 minutes)

Some parts of KDE upstream no longer have optional support for semantic-desktop. We currently work around this by using ugly hacks but it is fragile causing bugs like bug #468104 and bug #465322. It is apparently easy to disable semantic-desktop features at runtime.


  • Do nothing and add more fixes/hacks as bugs crop up
  • Track upstream more closely and support optional semantic-desktop only where supported by upstream (noting that find_package() can be controlled these days unless it explicitly has a REQUIRED)
  • Drop semantic-desktop USE flag completely

Drop oldpim? (5 minutes)

  • yes / no / maybe
  • mask now immediately?
  • See also this link

Handling of systemd patches (5 minutes)

  • let's just agree on a consistent way of handling it (as long as noone from kde team runs systemd)

Bugs (15 minutes)

Open floor (15 minutes)

  • There is a prototype reviewboard instance setup for use with the KDE overlay[1]