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Roll call (5 minutes)

Project lead (5 minutes)

  • Johu is missing in action. Anyone else volunteering?

KDE 4.10.1 stabilization (10 minutes)

  • yes, no, maybe?

Remove -Wl,--fatal-warnings ??? (5 minutes)

  • right now, all linker warnings are treated as errors in all kde apps (except for arm where we patch that out)
  • should we patch that out globally?

[semantic-desktop=] (5 minutes)

  • Tom says this bug should be long fixed, and we could return to [semantic-desktop?] in kde-base

Remove obsolete news entries (5 minutes)

GLEP 42 provides for removing news entries that are no longer relevant or after a long period of time.

Bugs (10 minutes)

  • x11-themes/oxygen-gtk
    • Rename x11-themes/oxygen-gtk to x11-themes/oxygen-gtk2. Import x11-themes/oxygen-gtk3 from the overlay or we keep x11-themes/oxygen-gtk with 2 slot and rename x11-themes/oxygen-gtk3 to x11-themes/oxygen-gtk.
  • kde-base/kde-meta ebuild improvement proposal (bug #456248, bug #460634)
    • USE flags have typically been rejected for meta packages because "if you don't want all kde packages, you shouldn't use kde-meta".
    • A number of existing kde meta packages already have meta flags in-tree
    • There is little maintenance burden, and is a common user request
  • Add 'app-arch/unzip natspec' to profiles/targets/desktop/kde/package.use (bug #457934)
    • The underlying problem appears to be how Qt handles broken encodings
    • While the 'correct' solution is to not have broken encodings and/or to fix Qt, enabling this USE flag by default would improve the solution a lot for affected users and only introduces one small dependency

Open floor (15 minutes)