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Roll call (5 minutes)

ppc64 keyword

We haven't had much keywording going on for ppc64. Do we drop this keyword?

CMake minimum requirement

kdelibs-4.10 will require CMake 2.8.8 as a minimum.

  • Should we bother enforcing this (given that 2.8.9 is already the lowest version in-tree)?
  • If so, where - kdelibs, KDE eclass, or even CMake eclass?

Review of elog messages

A user posted a number of bugs regarding elog configuration messages. We're happy with how things are for now, but do we want to unify/tweak any of our elog messages while the topic's been raised? One suggestion, for example, is to unify the format for optional dependencies, like so:

 Optional dependencies:
 category1/pkg1 - description1
 category2/pkg2 - description2

Bugs (10 minutes)

  • media-libs/qt-gstreamer - split out QtGlib (bug #439198)
    • Discuss/vote
  • kde-misc/polkit-kde-kcmodules: Store polkit configuration changes to /etc instead of /usr (bug #438790)
    • Discuss/vote: long-term solution)

Open floor (15 minutes)