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Information regarding the 0.6.6 release of the Gentoo Linux Installer.

Release Announcement

Version 0.6.6

The Gentoo Linux Installer team has released version 0.6.6 of the installer on the 2008.0-r1 LiveCDs for x86 and amd64. The improvements in this release are intended to improve the stability and simplicity of the installation (yes, we know, at the expense of customizability). For those still wanting to customize every detail, the ability to do a manual install will always exist in Gentoo. Another alternative would be Quickstart for automated installations, assuming you have a blank or pre-partitioned drive to work with.


Major changes:

  • Partitioning has been simplified and somewhat limited to improve stability. All changes occur immediately rather than get queued up. Make note of that.
  • The installer now *only* supports networkless installations. This was done because we have spent a lot of time trying to make the release snapshot stable and it is a good base upon which you can update things later if necessary. Also the installs are faster this way, and don't require downloading or run the risk of hitting broken tree issues.

Reporting bugs

As always with improvements, there are new bugs created to go along with them. If you do encounter a bug, make sure to save your /tmp/installprofile.xml and /var/log/installer.log.failed from the LiveCD right after the install fails. File a bug at Select the "Gentoo Release Media" product and the "Installer" component. If you can't find that, just use the following link: