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The meeting began at 1900 UTC, and the meeting chair was samyron (Scott Myron). The primary speaker was samyron.

General summary

Meeting purpose

samyron stated the purpose for the meeting: "basically, i want to talk about: What we've done thus far, what needs to get done in the short term, and what long term projects are".

Status quo

esammer answered the first of samyron's questions: "we've completed a basic design, implemented profile objects, controller skeleton, utility functions and classes, and done research into some of the more difficult topics such as partitioning".


It was decided that partitioning is a stumbling block and as such should be put on the "back burner" so other goals can be met.

Short term goals

esammer stated some short term goals: "we need to finish the controller with networking setup, routing setup, misc file generation (/etc/hosts, /etc/conf.d/*, etc...)".

samyron added: "Other things that I consider important: a way to download the profile from a given URI".

esammer noted that cshields is working on a PHP profile generator, and homer volunteered to implement same.

Along the lines of a profile generator, codeman asked for a complete sample profile to be committed to CVS, samyron volunteered one and esammer asked for it to be committed as sample_profile.xml.

Long term goals

samyron noted that the GLIInstallProfile class is basically done except for the partitioning code, and it was agreed to keep that as a long term goal.

samyron noted that a test frontend is needed to test the installer, and codeman volunteered to send samyron some test scripts to build on for that purpose.

Meeting conclusion

samyron opened the meeting up to questions, comments, and suggestions.

codeman volunteered further help, samyron accepted the offer.

homer offered to help build a PHP profile generator, esammer asked homer to speak with cshields regarding collaboration on that project.

There was a small amount of discussion on kernel configuration.

klieber noted that the Infrastructure project could supply hosting for a PHP-based profile generator, and has VMWare GSX Server running in order to provide testing environments to the Installer project team members.

The meeting was adjourned at 2006 UTC.

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