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The meeting began at 1900 UTC, and the meeting chair was tseng (Brandon Hale). The primary speaker was esammer (Eric Sammer).

General summary

Project organization

esammer explained the overall design structure for the project, then covered the reasons for an initial lack of publicity. He then set a loose goal of 2-4 weeks for a prototype. Tasks were then tentatively assigned to various individuals.

RelEng coordination

tigger^ brought up a question of resources available on the release LiveCDs, iggy noted that python-2.2 is available on the release LiveCDs, and npmccallum noted that additional python modules will likely be needed. esammer points out that coordination with the releng team will be needed to facilitate additions to the release LiveCDs.


It was decided that for the protoyping phase karltk, npmccallum, and esammer will be responsible for code, tseng and spyderous will be responsible for the project pages, blackace will be responsible for documentation, all individuals present will act as advisors, and the entire community will be involved in design with karltk and esammer coordinating.


It was generally agreed to follow an XP style release system in which cycles consist of coding, testing, then releasing. Cycles occur every X period of time, depending on how quickly code develops, and unstable snapshots are released at the end of each cycle in addition to semi-stable milestone snapshots.

Project resources

esammer asked if any resources would be required in addition to the already available resources (CVS, project page, mailing list, IRC channel). karltk pointed out the need for a bug repository, klieber arranged for a Bugzilla module named "GLI" and a "gli-bugs" mail alias. pauldv pointed out the need for a subproject link from the RelEng project page.

Meetings/status reports

It was decided to call meetings as needed, with coders regularly calling impromptu meetings during the prototype phase. It was tentatively decided that status reports should be made weekly via the mailing list.

Getting involved

esammer notes that those wanting to get involved in the project should subscribe to the mailing list ( and idle in #gentoo-installer (webchat) on FreeNode. pauldv pointed out that recruiting too many people could slow down development during the prototype phase, esammer agreed and invited everyone to read the design documents and provide constructive comments rather than add coders at this time.

Snapshot distribution

klieber brought up the topic of how snapshot tarballs should be distributed, it was then decided to place snapshot tarballs in /experimental.

Open floor

The floor was opened to general question and answer at 2010 UTC. There was discussion of the role of XML in the design, localization in the front-ends, the nature of the project's relationship with GLIS and other installer projects, the possible extension of the installer into a post-install reconfiguration engine, and many helpful pointers to the design documents found under "Further reading" on the project page.

The meeting was adjourned at 2051 UTC

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