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Jump to: navigation, search is a new service for providing data files for automated processing.

Currently offered data

Files denoted with an asterisk (*) are editable by any developer by checking out git+ssh:// Other files should only be edited by the appropriate maintainers.
  • /gentoo-keys/
    Keyrings for GPG verification of packages.
    • /seeds/
      Initial GPG signed keyring seeds (testing files only, DO NOT EDIT).
  • /metastructure/
    Meta-structure of the Gentoo project.
    • projects.xml
      Auto-generated project information from all projects on the wiki.
  • /mirrors/
    • distfiles.xml
      Distfile mirrors.
    • rsync.xml
      rsync mirrors.
  • /overlays/
    • repositories.xml *
      Layman master repositories file.

Adding data

To get your own data hosted there, contact Infra to be assigned a directory.