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Sponsoring Gentoo (via Infrastructure)




  • VM hosting
    • We're moving to use more cloud services, where possible, but we most our services are monolithic.
    • min spec: 2+ vCPU / 4+GiB RAM / 25+ GB storage
  • Full-package hosted physical boxes
    • Eg #1: "Root Servers" like those offered by Hetzner
    • Eg #2: You have unused/older servers in your own racks, and can give us full remote access to them
      • The sponsor continues to own and manage the hardware, Gentoo manages the full OS (and IPMI), we just ask for notice to migrate services.
  • Colocation/Physical Hosting
    • Eg: You give us a space, we find hardware
    • We presently have (some) hosting space at OSUOSL in Oregon
    • Non-US capacity needed!
  • Machines
    • Eg: Ship good-enough servers to a Gentoo hosting location
    • US-only presently
  • Money

Process & Practices

Initial Arrangements

  • Potential new sponsors should reach out to the Infrastructure team & the Foundation Trustees to come to an arrangement and ensure it's documented for future needs.
  • Sponsors should provide the Trustees with actual pricing or alternatively fair-market-value estimations of their sponsorship, which are used for financial recording purposes as well as weighting adverts on the main page.
    • The financial numbers provided will be publicly available via the Foundation financial reports.


  • The Infrastructure team is responsible for:
    • Capturing any material changes to the details of the sponsorship
    • Annual verification that sponsor contact information is still accurate
  • The sponsor is responsible for:
    • Any details as agreed specific to the sponsorship
    • Providing the Trustees with any updates to the pricing/FMV regarding the sponsorship

  • Sponsors may opt to remain semi-anonymous and not be listed on the Sponsors page or the main page advertising rotation.
  • Sponsor identity may still be visible in some publicly facing Infrastructure documentation, or be otherwise reflected in public records (e.g. WHOIS) for the IP addresses of sponsored service, servers or other things.
  • Sponsor identity may be visible on the Foundation financial records publications.

Sponsors page

Each sponsor is permitted up to one entry on the Gentoo Sponsors page.

  • Text:
    • English only, links permitted, markdown format or plain text.
    • Required: one paragraph, max 75 words
    • Optional: 2nd paragraph, 25 word max, about donation specifics
  • Image:
    • Max width 250px
    • Max height 125px
    • Transparent background strongly recommended, suitable for light or dark pages
    • File Format: PNG, SVG

Main page adverts

Each sponsor is permitted up to one entry on the Gentoo front page advertising rotation. This is at the bottom of the page, but was formerly rotating sidebars. The page is regenerated every 10 minutes, and ads are applied by weight at each generation pass.

  • Image:
    • Height: min 50px, max 125 pixels
    • Width: 125 pixels (exact)
    • File format: PNG, SVG
    • Max Filesize: 25KiB
    • No animations are permitted
  • Text:
    • Maximum 50 characters of mouseover text
    • Translations of mouseover text are NOT supported