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Sponsoring Gentoo (via Infrastructure)

This is a draft document still.




  • Full-package hosted physical boxes
    • Eg #1: "Root Servers" like those offered by Hetzner
    • Eg #2: You have unused/older servers in your own racks, and can give us full remote access to them
      • The sponsor continues to own and manage the hardware, Gentoo manages the full OS (and IPMI), we just ask for notice to migrate services.
  • Colocation/Physical Hosting
    • Eg: You give us a space, we find hardware
    • We presently have hosting space at OSUOSL in Oregon
    • Non-US capacity needed!
  • Machines
    • Eg: Ship good-enough servers to a Gentoo hosting location
    • US-only presently
  • Money
  • VM hosting
    • We're moving to use more cloud services, where possible, but we most our services are monolithic.

Process & Practices