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As discussed in bug #707076 the Planet will be migrated to use Pluto instead of Venus. This page will track the state of the migration.

A first version using Pluto is deployed to

Critical blockers

Change the appearance of the radio buttons in the sidebar

It looks like items which aren't selected are disabled as they are grayed out. That should be changed.

Future enhancements

  • Improve the date range selection
  • Use 'expand/collapse all' instead of two different views
  • Change the default image if no gravatar is available
  • Improve the way the search results are presented
  • Implement some filters for the search

To be decided

  • Shall we use the headline view by default? See bug #711528


2020-03-04: Implement a basic search functionality

lunrjs is used to implement a basic search functionality.

2020-03-04: Fix missing images by using Loofah for sanitization

Pluto is using textutils by default to sanitize the feeds. Textutils seems, however, to be dead. Furthermore textutils strips out images by default. Thus we should probably use a different sanitizer. Possible alternatives:

  • Sanitize (which has predefined profiles such as Sanitize::Config::RELAXED)
  • Loofah (is used by rails under the hood, seems to have some kind of predefined profiles as well)

Loofah has been choosen, as the upstream seems to be more active.

2020-03-03: Fix 'last-updated' in the footer

2020-03-01: Initial version