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Service details

A website detailing up to date package information for the Gentoo Linux main tree.

Service development has 7 components:

  • nginx frontend: Handles SSL termination and proxies request to app backend, also handles caching content.
  • thin.packages: Thin ruby server that handles users requests. Runs behind nginx.
  • Sidekiq: A ruby workqueue, this queue works on re-indexing.
  • Elasticsearch: Holds the actual search index; sidekiq keeps the indices updated and the thin.packages server sends elasticsearch queries.
  • redis: A small dependency for sidekiq to store its workqueue.
  • memcache: In addition to nginx, the rails app also relies on memcache to avoid expensive computations.
  • Cron: A cronjob runs every N minutes, grabs the most up to date copy of the rsync tree (w/generated metadata) and inserts items into the sidekiq queue for processing.

Service deployment

The service has a test suite:

bundle install --deployment
bundle exec rake test

The above should be sufficient to run the tests. They should pass before deployment.

The app can be 90% deployed from puppet. There are additional requirements once puppet has installed of the dependencies. Change directory into your checkout of the git source code and run:

su gpackages # if you run it as some other user, change users.
RAILS_ENV=production bin/first-time

It should do all the things to make the site work.

The code lives at:



This site is not critical to Gentoo Operations.