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DNS alias(es)
Service(s) Previously used to host the database (via Galera cluster) for wiki and forums.
CPU 2x Intel Xeon L5640 @ 2.27Ghz
Storage 6x 600GB 2.5" SAS HWRAID50, 2x 480GB NVMe MD-RAID1
Owner Gossamer Threads
Location Vancouver, Canada
DSA SSH key fingerprint (MD5 hash) a7:39:ff:34:5c:3a:f0:bc:41:1a:48:a9:a3:58:93:d0
RSA SSH key fingerprint (MD5 hash) f6:d5:c1:38:98:30:bf:94:32:c9:19:cd:43:99:5e:c9
ECDSA SSH key fingerprint (MD5 hash) eb:81:0d:28:61:1e:da:20:6a:48:90:df:b7:34:cb:5e
ED25519 SSH key fingerprint (MD5 hash) 90:5e:23:99:1a:d1:89:c3:4f:4f:70:a4:9f:8a:81:d5
Has IPv6 connectivity Yes
Is virtual machine No
Is in service No