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Gentoo currently uses mlmmj (net-mail/mlmmj) mailing list management. This page provides details on managing the gentoo-dev mailing list and the associated whitelist.

Gentoo-dev mailing list

Currently its a fairly standard install except for the 'gentoo-dev' mailing list. The 'gentoo-dev' list has custom posting policies and by Council Resolution it is only for Gentoo Developers and their delegates.

Managing the whitelist

Only developers can edit the whitelist. The whitelist supports a single address per line. Comments are not supported; if you want to comment, do it in the git commit description. The whitelist will ignore lines it doesn't recognize. Any addresses are already whitelisted (but not in this file) so don't add any addresses.

To modify the whitelist please do the following:

  1. git clone git+ssh://
  2. cd gentoo-dev-whitelist
  3. ${EDITOR} whitelist
  4. Add the email address
  5. git commit
  6. git push

The git remote repository will reject unsigned pushes, so sign push with a valid GPG key (use the git push -s command to push).

Management of the whitelist

Every commit is signed and correlated with a developer; abuse of the whitelist (e.g. by attempting to whitelist .*@.* or other such attempts) is not appropriate and will result in disciplinary action.

Other whitelist requests

From time to time we may modify the whitelist in broad strokes (by whitelisting things like .* as an example) and these requests should be made to the Gentoo Council.

Managing un-whitelisted mail

Currently mail that is not via whitelisted posters goes to the mailing list moderators. It's their role to inform people how to get whitelisted.