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This article provides details on how Gentoo developers can request a new git repository at gitweb.g.o.

Developers can request a repository via filing a bug on Bugzilla in the "Gentoo Infrastructure" product in the "Git" component. This bug should include the following details:

  • Repository name (needs to start with appropriate existing prefix)
  • Owner
  • Description
  • Access list:
    • RW+ = full, RW = without deleting branches and force pushes, R = read-only
    • Can include groups such as 'all devs' or 'all devs with gentoo.git access'
    • Also includes gitweb and anongit option
    • Also possible to apply restrictions per branch
  • Hooks:
    • Requiring signed pushes (limited to active devs)
    • Requiring signed commits (limited to active devs)
    • gentoo-commits notifications (and possibly mailing extra people)
    • Bug tag processing
    • Can trigger external webhooks (github-compatible)
    • Custom validations (used in news)