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Gitlab Hosted at


This experiment has two purposes:

- Enable code review for repos.
- Enable CI for repos.


I would like to see infra split up somewhat; currently most infra members have root everywhere. If we could enable a process where folks can submit PRs against infra repos (merged by normal infra humans) we can enable more contributions to infra, but not directly expand 'root-everywhere' access.

I believe the PR-features of gitlab are helpful to enable this.

Current Gitlab Usage

mrueg had already created the Gentoo gitlab group and mirrored the ::gentoo repo there. antarus signed up the Gentoo group for a free OSS license from Gitlab.

Mastering of repos

We are not moving the mastering of repos away from git.g.o, nor migrating from gitolite or git.g.o at this stage.

Mirroring of Repos

We will make repos public on a case-by-case basis slowly, so that folks can contribute. Gitlab can pull from anongit for public repos.

its plausible we could also do an push-based mirror; this is common in gitolite and we would need to generate a key for that.


gentooInfra-role is a Gitlab service account that we use to power a terraform-gitlab configuration that manages ACLs on gitlab.