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This page nicely and simply details the management of email aliases on dev.g.o for new project teams, architectures, etc.


Using the loong keyword as an example new arch team, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to relevant directory (e.g. /var/mail/alias/arch if an arch team).
  3. cp -a riscv loong
  4. Edit /var/mail/alias/arch/loong with members matching the project's wiki page.
  5. Wait ~10 minutes for Postfix to rebuild.
  6. Add yourself to the file for testing.
  7. Send a test email to the new alias @g.o
  8. Once received, remove yourself from the list.

Creating Bugzilla Account

  1. As a Bugzilla administrator, navigate to Add user page
  2. Fill in "Login name" the alias you have just created
  3. Fill in "Real name" the human readable name shown for the email
  4. Fill in "Password" a randomly generated password - it shouldn't be needed
  5. Check the checkbox for "Notify User"
  6. Click on "Add"
  7. Verify an email is sent over the alias, and verify you can find the email in normal Bugzilla search (for example in Add CC)

Non-mail part

Only relevant for new arch teams
  1. Update Bugzilla fields to include new arch for the Hardware field (via the admin interface).
  2. In bugzilla.git (on the bugstest branch), two template files to add to the arch CC list on bugs:
    1. extensions/Gentoo/template/en/default/hook/bug/create/create-after_cc_field.html.tmpl
    2. extensions/Gentoo/template/en/default/hook/bug/edit-after_cc_field.html.tmpl
  3. Commit changes on the bugstest branch, log in to via SSH, run git pull in /var/www/
  4. Test it out on
  5. If it works fine, go back to git, commit to master, and tag (increment last version)
  6. Bump Bugzilla version to new tag just created in manifests/site.pp in puppet.git.