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Gentoo developers on GitHub

All Gentoo developers are added to the Developers team on GitHub. This team provides access to most of the gentoo/ repositories, and forms the basis of inviting developers to the Gentoo organization. Once in the organization, developers will be @-mentioned on new pull requests for their packages.

The developers team is semi-automatically maintained by owners based on Gentoo LDAP. In order to have your account added, please set the gentooGitHubUser attribute in LDAP:

user $perl_ldap -b user -C gentooGitHubUser github_user gentoo_user

Afterward it may be reasonable to ping us to update the mapping, as the script is run manually at the moment.

Gentoo projects (teams) on GitHub

All Gentoo projects (that have any members) are automatically mapped into GitHub teams. Once mapped, the teams will semi-automatically be updated by removing developers who are no longer in the team, and adding new developers joining the team.

It should be noted that only Gentoo developer entries will be altered. All Gentoo developers are given team maintainer status, therefore they are free to invite external users into the teams — i.e. unlike on the wiki, the projects on GitHub can list team members who are not developers.

Project->team mapping serve as a base for @-mentioning teams on pull requests regarding packages maintained by the corresponding projects. It should be noted that only official team members (i.e. those mentioned in the project on the wiki) will be included, and not all developers subscribing the mail aliases.

The team entries and mapping are updated using a script that is run manually, and all new teams are confirmed by a person. If you need an update, it might be reasonable to ping us.

Additional teams on GitHub

Additional teams without corresponding Gentoo projects can be created on GitHub, although it is discouraged. Those teams (as long as their names are disjoint from Gentoo project names) will not be altered by the synchronization scripts.

Technical note: updating developer and project mappings

The mapping are updated using scripts from dev2github repository. The usage of scripts is documented in the README file.

It should be noted that the following GitHub permissions are required to run the scripts:

  • owner or team maintainer for the Developers team -- to sync developers.
  • owner -- to sync projects/teams.

However, since the pull assignment databases need to be updated manually at the moment, please ping Michał Górny (mgorny) (talk) to update them.