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GNOME 3.36 Gentoo notes

As the previous version with Gentoo notes was 3.30, you may be interested in the upstream release news:

Here are the Gentoo-specific notes for the GNOME 3.36 release:

  • The GNOME profiles now enable USE="wayland" by default, making GNOME in Gentoo default to a Wayland session unless overridden. This means that when GDM is capable of running with Wayland, both Wayland and Xorg sessions will be available as a choice ("GNOME" and "GNOME on Xorg"), and without explicitly having chosen a session (such as "GNOME on Xorg") for your user, the default may automatically switch over to a Wayland session. If GDM runs with Xorg, the GNOME session will however also be Xorg. We believe Wayland to be quite ready for consumption, but if you choose to still use GNOME on Xorg for the time being, there are still benefits to letting the Wayland support be enabled - if GDM works fine with Wayland, it is able to terminate its graphical user interface (a full separate gnome-shell instance), even if logging into a Xorg desktop session. GDM 3.36 lacks the capability to save on resources that way when using Xorg - that is only expected to work in a future release with GDM on Xorg. x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers users can also let Wayland be enabled, but GDM in Gentoo will currently fallback to an Xorg session with that driver, as Gentoo does not integrate the non-standard Wayland integration mechanisms of NVidia yet.
  • Vino has been dropped from the gnome-base/gnome-extra-apps meta-package, as it has been deprecated upstream. The replacement will be net-misc/gnome-remote-desktop, but it is not yet a seamless remote desktop sharing experience with that in Gentoo at the time of writing. If you rely on accessing your logged in GNOME session over VNC, you may want to ensure net-misc/vino is kept around explicitly for the time being, or investigate gnome-remote-desktop. Note that Vino only works from within a Xorg session, while gnome-remote-desktop works also from within a Wayland session.
  • gnome-base/librsvg has been upgraded to a version that requires a Rust toolchain to build. It is not advised to avoid this upgrade, as the older versions have known security vulnerabilities and it is a library that could be rendering SVG images from uncontrolled sources throughout the GNOME ecosystem. Older librsvg is available only for the benefit of architectures that do not yet support Rust in Gentoo.
  • We may have a different set of applications that are pulled in via our meta-packages. Most applications are packaged, however, and can be installed separately if desired.