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GNOME 3.30 Gentoo notes

As the previous stable version was 3.24, you may be interested in the upstream release news:

Here are the Gentoo-specific notes for the GNOME 3.30 release:

  • Since GNOME 3.26, there is no status icon tray anymore. If you rely on one, gnome-extra/gnome-shell-extensions-topicons-plus may be a temporary solution.
  • If USE="wayland" is enabled in relevant packages, GNOME in Gentoo now defaults to a Wayland session. In practice this means that when GDM itself runs with Wayland, both sessions will be available as a choice ("GNOME" and "GNOME on Xorg"), but when no explicit session choice is present for your user in AccountsService, the default will be Wayland over Xorg when possible. If GDM runs with Xorg, the GNOME session will however also be Xorg. The USE flag is not enabled by default via profiles yet, but this will change as we are getting ready with stabling the 3.32 release. GNOME Wayland in 3.30 is running quite well (except with nvidia-drivers), and you may enable it by yourself until then if interested.
  • OpenRC is once again supported for running GNOME on Gentoo. Choose the desktop/gnome profile instead of desktop/gnome/systemd if you want to use GNOME with OpenRC. Please don't accidentally choose a different releases (17.0 vs 17.1, etc) profile without doing the relevant migration work.
  • We may have a different set of applications that are pulled in via our meta-packages. Most applications are packaged, however, and can be installed separately if desired.