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3.24 differences and known issues in Gentoo

Please see upstream GNOME 3.24 Portland Release Notes and video for what is new version 3.24.

The following is Gentoo specific notes for 3.24 release:

  • We have kept the change to defaulting back to Xorg sessions, even if USE="wayland" is enabled globally. You can still review the available sessions and choose the "GNOME on Wayland" session if you want. We will default to Wayland sessions in GNOME 3.26, if USE="wayland" is used. USE="wayland" is likely to get enabled by default as well in gnome profiles before 3.26 is stabilized.
  • There are still some known issues with automatic launch of some background services, such as vino screen sharing and rygel media sharing.
  • We may have a different set of applications that are pulled in via our meta-packages. Most applications are packaged, however, and can be installed separately if desired.