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./ is libre software that automates the build of native packages for multiple distributions, including Gentoo, from DRM-free installers for commercial games. The generated packages are then installed using the standard tools provided by the distribution.

Native Linux games are supported, as well as games developed for other systems thanks to tools like Wine, DOSBox and ScummVM.


An overlay is provided allowing for an easy installation of ./ on Gentoo: BetaRayʼs Gentoo overlay


Using installed version

Assuming the game installer is called setup.exe, using ./ to install a game is a two-steps process:

  1. Run ./ by giving it the path to the game installer:
    user $ ~/Downloads/setup.exe
  2. Follow the emerge instructions provided at the end of the process, or use the provided quickunpkg script.

Using scripts from ./ website

./ can be used without being installed. This is not the recommended method if your distribution provides packages for it.

Up-to-date ./ scripts can be download from its website, these are the same that are provided by the master branch of the git repository.

To use these scripts on a system that does not have ./ available, follow these steps:

  1. Find your game on the website, go to its page;
  2. Download in a same directory the two files provided on the game page, one is the ./ library ( and the other a game-specific script (with a name similar to;
  3. Install the scripts dependencies listed on the game page;
  4. Run the game script by giving it the path to your game installer as its argument, this should be something similar to:
    user $./ ~/Downloads/setup.exe
  5. Follow the emerge instructions provided at the end of the process, or use the provided quickunpkg script



Some ./ developers and users can be reached on IRC, channel is on network The main language on this IRC channel is English.

A secondary channel is provided for French speakers, on network A clever bot will automatically translate and share messages between the English and French channels.


A contact e-mail for feedback can usually be found in each ./ script, as well as the library. Open one of these files with any text editor to see the contact e-mail.

See also

  • Games/engines
  • Games/emulation — provides an overview of emulators available in Gentoo.
  • Wine — an application that allows Windows software to run on Linux and other POSIX-compliant operating systems.