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The youbroketheinternet overlay (short: ybti) is a collaborative maintained Gentoo developer overlay. Some of us are involved with SecuShare, but we try out all sorts of XKEYSCORE-resistant technology.

Access URLs

You may find our Gentoo overlay accessible at one of the following URLs:

  • git://cheettyiapsyciew.onion/youbroketheinternet-overlay (primary)
  • https://gnunet.org/git/youbroketheinternet-overlay.git
  • git://gnunet.org/youbroketheinternet-overlay.git

We are working on making our developer overlay accessible via GNUnet

Using the overlay

eselect repository

Add the overlay:

root #eselect repository enable youbroketheinternet
root #emerge --sync youbroketheinternet

Statement from the README