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The OpenStack project aims to create an open and free IaaS platform.

Before Installation

Controller node

Let's begin from the Controller node. Before installing Openstack specific services the system needs to be configured with two physical NIC, one for the Management Network and one to expose the Openstack API to the internet on the Public Network, with the following IP configuration:

Network Interface IP Address
Public Interface
Management Interface

Network Node

Compute Node


You will need three Gentoo hosts to fully exploit the power of the OpenStack platform.

USE flags

USE flags for sys-cluster/openstack-meta A openstack meta-package for installing the various openstack pieces

cinder Installs Openstack Cinder
glance Installs Openstack Glance
heat Installs Openstack Heat
keystone Installs Openstack Keystone
neutron Installs Openstack Neutron
nova Installs Openstack Nova
placement Installs Openstack Placement
swift Installs Openstack Swift


root #emerge --ask sys-cluster/openstack-meta




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