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This article has some todo items:
  • Add info about modded clients and servers (Forge, Fabric etc.)
  • Add info about other popular server cores (Paper, Sponge etc.), alternative implementations (Minestom, Glowstone etc.) etc.
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Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang. The game was developed in Java by creator Markus "Notch" Persson and has been ported to several platforms throughout its development lifecycle. Since the public early alpha release in 2009, the game has sold over 200 million copies making it one of the best selling video games of all time.


Minecraft installed can be installed using any number of available launchers. While some launchers can be compiled from source, it is recommended to install the package using Portage as this ensures the correct Java builds are installed and maintained on your system.

Following list includes applications than can launch official Minecraft client implementation. However, there are also exist alternative client implementations. You can find list of these on https://wiki.vg/Client_List.

Official launcher

To install the official Minecraft launcher (games-action/minecraft-launcher), run:

root #emerge --ask games-action/minecraft-launcher

Prism Launcher

Free/libre software launcher for Minecraft with support for multiple instances, managing modpacks and mods etc.

root #emerge --ask games-action/prismlauncher


Official server

To install the official Minecraft server (games-server/minecraft-server), run:

root #emerge --ask games-server/minecraft-server


Minecraft launcher errors

Errors with this package are uncommon, however the following have been noted:

  • In some instances when executing minecraft-launcher the following output is produced:
user $./minecraft-launcher
[0229/184549.183275:ERROR:sandbox_linux.cc(346)] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.

This can be resolved by issuing the following options in conjunction with minecraft-launcher:

user $MESA_GLSL_CACHE_DISABLE=true ./minecraft-launcher

See also

  • Games — a landing page for many of the games (especially open source variants) available in Gentoo's main ebuild repository.
  • Java — a programming language, originally developed by Sun Microsystems, which uses a platform-independent virtual machine to execute Java bytecode in real-time.
  • Minetest — an infinite-world block sandbox game and game engine that is heavily inspired by Minecraft and InfiniMiner.