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Howto: Installation Kyocera FS 1040 1041 1060 1061 1020 1025 1120 1125 printer

This is a short howto for installing many of the modern GDI-printers from kyocera. Because its not self explaining for many people because of some website issues at the kyocera websites, this should help few people to install those printers. Also the FS-1041 is custom.

Short hardware overview:

  • FS-1040, FS-1041 - B/W Printer with USB
  • FS-1060, FS-1061 - B/W Printer with USB, Duplex and RJ45 Network
  • FS-1020, FS-1120 - B/W Printer+Scan with USB
  • FS-1025, FS-1125 - B/W Printer+Scan+Fax with USB, Duplex and RJ45 Network

Short software overview: Those printers are GDI-printers. This require more software to run on the computer and less on the printer. That make some of the printers cheaper and more flexible for new protocols.


root #emerge --ask net-print/kyocera-1x2x-mfp-driver


Kyocera have for some strange reason not released a PPD-file for the FS-1041. The FS-1041 and the FS-1061 are the new versions of the FS-1040 and FS-1060. For the FS-1061 they released a PPD-file. For the FS-1041 use the FS-1040 PPD file.

x86 Arch install

net-print/kyocera-1x2x-mfp-driver is only keyworded for ~amd64 at this time. It is possible, but untested, to keyword on ~x86 to test and install 32-bit versions.

FILE /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/kyocera
net-print/kyocera-1x2x-mfp-driver **