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JFS (Journaled File System) is a 64-bit journaling filesystem created by IBM. An implementation for the Linux kernel is available as free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is low on resource usage and comparatively fast doing all kinds of filesystem operations (as opposed to being specialized in some, e.g. XFS is fast with big files, but slower with small ones). As such JFS is especially good for usage with battery-powered devices such as laptops.



JFS is supported in the standard Linux kernel:

KERNEL Enabling JFS support
File systems  --->
   <*> JFS filesystem support

Optional JFS features:

KERNEL Adding optional JFS features
File systems  --->
   <*> JFS filesystem support
   [*]   JFS POSIX Access Control Lists
   [*]   JFS Security Labels
   [ ]   JFS debugging
   [*]   JFS statistics


Filesystem utilities are available in the sys-fs/jfsutils package:

root #emerge --ask sys-fs/jfsutils

See also

  • XFS — a high-performance journaling filesystem
  • Ext4 — an open source disk filesystem and most recent version of the extended series of filesystems.