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installer is designed to aid users during the installation process of Gentoo Linux. It is capable of walking a beginner user through the regular installation process following key topics from the Gentoo Handbook. It is ChrisADR's personal project, the official installer project is in charge of designing the official Gentoo installer.


installer is designed to be part of the Gentoo Live CD image, but it can also be installed via Portage.


root #emerge --ask app-admin/installer


Once inside the live environment, it is ready to begin an installation process from scratch via:

root #installer beginner

You can also resume in a specific point of installation with:

root #installer beginner -s N
root #installer beginner --step N

Where N is a number between 1 and 11.


root #installer beginner -t
root #installer beginner --tui

installer can also be used by root to generate stageX tarball, which contains some configuration files that may help as backup configuration or in further installations, via:

root #installer generate


Since installer will be only available by default in the live CD image, the only reason to unmerge installer is if you already installed it with Portage.


root #emerge --ask --depclean --verbose app-admin/installer

See also

  • Project:Installer — an attempt to increase the usability of Gentoo and related Linux distributions by providing an interface for users to backup and recover existing installations. Official Installer Project for Gentoo Linux

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