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Hardware Information Tool (hwinfo) is a small utility created by OpenSUSE to gather information on system hardware.



hwinfo can be installed with a simple emerge:

root #emerge --ask sys-apps/hwinfo


Since the tool is so lightweight, configuration is not necessary.


To probe for hardware information simply issue:

root #hwinfo

To probe for all hardware information use:

root #hwinfo +all

This usually takes longer, but provides oodles of information.

To shorten information to a more human-friendly format, add the --short option to the command:

root #hwinfo --short all

To specify a log file for hwinfo to write, use log=. This is different from standard redirection, but should be used for hwinfo:

root #hwinfo log=hardware.txt all

See also

  • Hardware detection — lists and describes utilities used to detect and provide information on hardware.
  • Lspci — contains various utilities dealing with the PCI bus (primarily lspci).
  • Usbutils — a collection various utilities for querying the the Universal Serial Bus (USB).