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Userspace utilities for collecting information from the USB bus. The most prominent utility included is lsusb, a hardware detection tool for system resources connected to the Universal Serial Bus.


USE flags

USE flags for sys-apps/usbutils USB enumeration utilities

python Add optional support/bindings for the Python language


root #emerge --ask sys-apps/usbutils

lsusb detects the devices based on an ID database provided by sys-apps/hwids which will be installed as a dependency of usbutils.



user $qlist usbutils | grep bin/
user $lsusb -h
Usage: lsusb [options]...
List USB devices
  -v, --verbose
      Increase verbosity (show descriptors)
  -s [[bus]:][devnum]
      Show only devices with specified device and/or
      bus numbers (in decimal)
  -d vendor:[product]
      Show only devices with the specified vendor and
      product ID numbers (in hexadecimal)
  -D device
      Selects which device lsusb will examine
  -t, --tree
      Dump the physical USB device hierarchy as a tree
  -V, --version
      Show version of program
  -h, --help
      Show usage and help

See also

  • lshw - A "Hardware Lister" for Linux.
  • pciutils - Userspace utilities for collecting information from the PCI bus.