Google Summer of Code/2023/Ideas/Wayland Desktop Profile

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Wayland Desktop Profile

The Plan is to create a Wayland profile as an alternative to the desktop profile. This profile will help the user set up an environment capable Running Apps That have native Wayland Support. Things like setting the seat,Setting xdg env variables, Creating XDG_DIRS etc will be done. Patching of init scripts e.g (display-manager should require seatd) needs to be done. Ability to create an environment with "-X wayland" Flags will be possible without much user side changes.

Also A Script is in the Plan That will act as a pseudo Desktop Environment and let user setup various commonly used programs. ex ( swaybg or imv or mpv can be used as Wallpaper Programs). It will be able to run programs / scripts for various desktop environment standard features like : wm, bar, notifications etc.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Scripting
  • Coding
  • Version Control
Expected Project Size Expected Outcomes
  • 200 - 350 hrs
  • New ebuilds
  • New package
  • New profile
  • An improved experience for Wayland users
Project Difficulty