Google Summer of Code/2023/Ideas/Automated Gentoo system updater

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Automated Gentoo system updater

The overall target experience should be to create an ebuild that Gentoo users can install that comes with scripts that schedule automated updates. It would be focused by default to apply updates to packages that have security vulnerabilities. We'd want to open it up to allow users to do full updates if they desire.

Notification to users when something goes wrong would be an important part of this project. We should send notifications via email, irc, and perhaps even push notifications via a mobile app that would be created for this project. This is an opportunity to get creative.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Initiative
  • Independence
  • Enthusiasm
Expected Project Size Expected Outcomes
  • 175 hours for basic functionality
  • 350 hours for mobile app part of the idea
  • A new ebuild package for auto-update automation for Gentoo users
  • Respect Gentoo news notifications to prevent broken systems
  • A notification system when updates go wrong
  • Optional mobile app that allows users to track their system update status
Project Difficulty