Google Summer of Code/2023/Ideas/Automated Gentoo system updater

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Automated Gentoo system updater

The overall target experience should be to create an easy to install tool that Gentoo users can use to keep their systems up-to-date. In GSoC 2023, we created gentoo_update with an associated mobile app! This year we can pick up where that project left off and make the mobile app's back-end fully self-hosted on a Gentoo Linux system.

Notification to users when something goes wrong was an important part of the 2023 project and improving the mobile app would help easy of user of Gentoo users.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Initiative
  • Independence
  • Enthusiasm
Expected Project Size Expected Outcomes
  • 175 hours for basic functionality
  • 350 hours for mobile app part of the idea
  • A fully self-hosted back-end for gentoo_update that can be deployed on a Gentoo Linux system.
  • Ability for the back-end to serve notifications to IRC and email.
  • Update gentoo_update to take hints from Gentoo news items and pass on actionable notifications to users.
Project Difficulty