Google Summer of Code/2020/Ideas/Standalone Gentoo Chromebook

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Standalone Gentoo Chromebook

Gentoo portage is driving the build system of Google Chromebooks thanks to its flexibility and power. However, portage and other Gentoo tools are invisible to end-users because portage is only used to cross compile and build the filesystem image. The resulting image does not have portage or toolchain, and becomes a feature-limited ChromeOS compared to a standard Gentoo system. ChromiumOS, the community counterpart of ChromeOS, is an open operating system that is straightforward to build and hack. In this project, we will make a full-featured Gentoo-like ChromiumOS combining the innovative Chromebook experience with flexibility of portage and software packages from Gentoo.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Build and run chromiumOS.
  • Familar with toolchain, portage and ebuilds.
  • Shell script programming.
  • Git