Google Summer of Code/2020/Ideas/Redox Relibc Support

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Redox Relibc Support

Redox is a brand new operating system written in rust, it provides a libc implementation that works both on Linux and on the Redox kernel.

This project aims to be able to have a x86_64-unknown-linux-relibc stage3 produced and pave the way to have portage available to the Redox operating system itself.

Main Tasks:

  • Prepare a relibc ebuild.
  • Make sure a the base system could be built on top of it
    • Check for errors when building the critical Gentoo toolchain utilities, e.g. building Python3 and Bash
    • Report any issues to both Gentoo and Redox
    • Submit Merge Requests fixes/improvements upstream to Redox GitLab
  • Make sure a viable stage3 could be built

Bonus Tasks:

  • Have a gentoo-prefix running on Redox

In order to apply on top of the normal Gentoo requirement of fixing an open issue and/or send a pull request, it is required to propose a fix or an improvement on the redox gitlab.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Python
  • Ebuild
  • Rust
  • C
  • Git