Google Summer of Code/2020/Ideas/Automatic Kernel Stabilization

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Automatic Kernel Stabilization

Gentoo Kernel CI is the Gentoo Kernel sources Continuous Integration system. Gentoo Kernel CI is checking all the files under sys-kernel and some kernel related eclass. GkernelCI is based on buildbot and is currently checking only amd64 architecture. We are recently moving to a docker based implementation and moving the testing to lava-docker system. There still are new testings and new architectures to be implemented. As we are in a GkernelCI moving phase there is many compatibility and implementation work to be addressed.
For see where you can help you can check the Gentoo Kernel CI issues list [1]
GkernelCI can be found here [2]
The docker part is here [3]

Contacts Required Skills
  • buildbot
  • python
  • kernel