Google Summer of Code/2019/Ideas/Stabilize Gentoo Prefix

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Stabilize Gentoo Prefix

Gentoo Prefix is Gentoo installed into a directory offset and administrated by normal users. That brings universal Gentoo user experience to shared high performance computing facilities and mobile handholds. Gentoo Prefix has been developed for more than 10 years with its feature set solidified. Since 2016, with the introduction of prefix-standalone, the whole userspace from libc up can be managed by Gentoo Prefix for Linux-based systems. That made implicit keywording possible for Gentoo Prefix.

The next step is to migrate Gentoo Prefix profiles from "exp" to "dev", and consequently from "dev" to "stable". That will set Gentoo Prefix to be the 1-class flavor in the Gentoo ecosystem, and benefit Gentoo Prefix users with advanced production-level Gentoo features and quality assurance. In 2018, Sam Pfeiffer initiated continuous integration (CI) effort for Gentoo Prefix, making the stabilization of Gentoo Prefix more feasible.

In this project, you are going to upgrade Gentoo Prefix profile from "exp" to "dev" and to "stable", and set up additional CI needed for quality assurance purposes. Finally, you are going to work with the Gentoo community to propose new workflows for arch-testers to test Gentoo Prefix installations before stabilizing packages.

Contacts Required Skills
  • Familiarity with Gentoo
  • User experience of Gentoo Prefix
  • Shell
  • Git