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This article hosts information on projects for this year's GSoC.


The following projects have been accepted to GSoC 2017 [1]:

A utility to manage packages in overlays (pomu)

Participant(s): Mykyta Holubakha
Mentor(s): Brian Dolbec (dolsen)
Repository mykytaholubakha/pomu.git
Website/Wiki-Page: pomu

"The goal of the project is to enable the user to efficiently manage a local overlay (by adding new packages from external sources or packages from the portage tree to make some edits, etc.)." [2]

Gentoo Stateless Environment (gse)

Participant(s): Christo Kotsi
Mentor(s): Rafael Martins (rafaelmartins)
Repository christokotsi/GSE.git
Website/Wiki-Page: Wiki GSE

"Atom Gentoo, is the Idea which instantly caught my attention, and made me decide to propose over, since I have always been interested to further expand my knowledge on how Linux works, and more general, on the fundamentals of operating systems." [3]

kernel live patch - automatically check and live patching the Kernel (elivepatch)

Participant(s): Alice Ferrazzi
Mentor(s): Göktürk Yüksek (gokturk) , Mike Pagano (mpagano)
Repository aliceferrazzi/elivepatch.git
Website/Wiki-Page: elivepatch

"an utility to semi-automatically check the kernel for known security vulnerabilities and live patch the kernel if there is a security risk found." [4]

Support for Varied MPI Implementations

Participant(s): Michael Gilroy
Mentor(s): Andrew Savchenko (bircoph) , Justin Bronder (jsbronder)
Repository michaelgilroy/gentoo-mpi.git
Website/Wiki-Page: Gentoo-mpi-overlay

"There are numerous MPI (Message Passing Interface) implementations available, but most of them can't be installed together as is. In HPC world it is often mandatory to provide for users different MPI implementations and/or versions of the same implementation, e.g. due to binary package dependencies, codebase or performance issues." [5]